Is There a deposit required?

To secure your wedding date/time there is a $100 non-refundable deposit due, which can be paid via PayPal or the Cash App.

What if I have to change my start time or wedding date?

While I work hard to be as flexible as possible in accommodating changes, I cannot guarantee availability for a date or time change. I do have a team of qualified ministers to help accommodate changes.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you plan to change your wedding date or time so I can try to find a solution for you.

Do you stay for the reception?

It's up to the couple whether to invite their officiant and spouse/guest to the reception, it is certainly not required. If you decide to extend a formal invitation I will let you know if it’s possible for me to stay (but I do love a good party!)

Why should i choose a professional officiant?

Your wedding day is a day that will be remembered, and celebrated for the rest of your life. Some couples rely on an uncle, a friend or an extended relative to officiate their special day.

Unfortunately, what often unfolds with a wedding officiant lacking experience is an unorganized ceremony, jokes/moments that make many guests feel uncomfortable, and on and on!

If you will spend money on professional services in the rest of your wedding experience, make sure that the actual ceremony is professional as well!

Do you charge separate travel fees?

If the venue or event is outside a 35 mile radius from the Houston Heights area, a small additional fuel fee of $25 will be added. 

For destination weddings and weddings outside the Houston area, reasonable costs to cover overnight accommodations and travel expenses will be added. 

For any questions you can always send me an email, and we can evaluate based on need. My main desire is making sure your wedding day is as perfect as possible. 

How long do your ceremonies usually last?

The length of the ceremony usually depends on how many elements you want included (unity candles, personal vows, family prayer, etc.).

The basic ceremony is about 10 min long, and the customized standard ceremony is designed to fit your personal preferences and can be any length of time (however, I usually recommend nothing beyond 25-30 minutes).

Will you help us Send In our marriage license?

I will sign your marriage license with you immediately after the ceremony concludes. If you need me to mail in your marriage license on your behalf while you enjoy some R&R on your honeymoon that service can be arranged. 

What will you wear?

My default attire is a tailored solid black suit, white collar dress shirt with a sold black tie. We always make sure to dress with excellence, and ensure you are represented well.

What if i Have A More Casual Vibe?

If you desire a more casual look that can easily be accommodated at no additional fee. Whatever your style, I will work to ensure my wardrobe and presentation reflect the atmosphere of your wedding.

Will you oversee our rehearsal, or do we need to bring in a coordinator?

This depends on which package you prefer, and schedule availability. If there are no schedule conflicts (other weddings, travel, etc.) we would love to be part of this experience.

Our team is highly experienced, comfortable, and confident to perform your wedding with excellence. We work with the best wedding coordinators, and know our role, and your wedding preferences well before the big day.

Our main hope is always to ensure the best experiences for our brides and grooms by helping them feel comfortable, and confident, for their big moment in front of family and friends.

Will you perform any Wedding?

As a licensed Christian minister, and a personal follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ, my personal convictions hold to the Biblical understanding of marriage.

What happens in case of an emergency and you can't make it?

In the unfortunate case of an emergency, I have a team of experienced ministers who are highly capable of performing your ceremony with confidence, excellence, and grace. You would be informed of the circumstance, and ensured a quality service. In the event you would prefer to find another officiant, you would a receive a full refund.